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Meet the Team

Jos & Tim Nash

Jos & Tim have been living in Lanlivery since 2019. Jos grew up in Lostwithiel where her father was the local vet and Tim is from Warwickshire where he grew up learning the family business and running and owning menswear shops.   They both are passionate about the countryside and its way of life and champion all aspects of living and working in the country.

At some point during lockdown they must have fallen and bumped their heads as they woke up and decided to run the village pub! 

Tim brings 30 years of experience in sales and Jos has a strong background in accounts, event management and quality auditing. 

They are both passionate about quality, tradition and humour!

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The Important Ones

We are very lucky to have a happy gang of local hospitality warriors who slave all hours to make sure our customers are well looked after.  From our housekeeping team who work behind the scenes to the glamorous lot that pull pints and serve our food, we are blessed with a stalwart bunch and we are very proud of them indeed. 

And then there's the kitchen which is run by our garrulous Head Chef Andy, and he is from Kent....  Need we say any more?!

It's a fun place to work and we are glad to say that we don't take ourselves too seriously. 

We are always looking for motivated, hard workers to join the team so drop us a line if you think that working in the best pub in Lanlivery (!) is your thing.

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